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[Capturing Your Story]

Greetings and welcome to MEB Studios!

My custom photography is a memorable way to capture a moment, to celebrate yourself or to show the world how dynamic you are. Whether you purchase portraits to share with your social circle or invest in your first set of headshots, my custom photographs will help you tell your unique story.

-Michael Berkshire

[About the Photographer]

[The Process]


Choose your custom photo package. MEB Studios offers a variety of affordable and easy photo packages.Each portrait package includes digital copies for your convenience. (NOTE: In order to keep prices affordable printed copies are not offered at this time).


Contact me, Michael Berkshire, let me know what photo package you desire, your basic info (name, party number,county), best way to contact you and importantly, what your photo needs are.


After connecting, set up an initial appointment so that together we can strategize and work to provide you the best photo shoot. Whether it is deciding on an idea, locations or scheduling my goal is to help provide a postive photo shoot experience. The non-refundable deposit is due at this time, check the package you choose for details.

[The Photo Shoot]

What to expect. Plan for rain, plan for sun, plan for the unexpected- Florida is as unpredictable as it is beautiful.A photo shoot can be a fun experience. It is your time to shine, so it's best to relax and be yourself, but also be prepared. Photo shoot times vary depending on location and package.


After the photoshoot comes the fun part- choosing your pictures. Once you've decided on the pictures you like I begin the professional photo editing process. (Generally a one to two week process). Full payment is due at this time.


Once the photo editing process is complete you recieve the digital prints.

[The Professional Touch]

Taking a portrait is only the first step, in order to give your headshots or portraits a professional look they are edited to a manageable size and touched up.

Team Member
Raw Photo

Before the photo is edited and touched up. Picture is at an unmanageable size.

Team Member
with Color Editing

Colors are balanced. Highlights and midtones are adjusted for improved clarity.

Team Member
with Final Touches

Skin tones and blemishes are are touched up. Contrast and highlights are tweaked.Image is cropped at a printable size.

[Custom Photo Packages]

Below is a brief overview of the custom portrait packages MEB Studios offers.